A friendly notice that we will have a price increase from the 1st July 2021. Please be sure to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.


A safe and caring home for your pets

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We are open;
Monday to Friday: 8AM to 5PM*
Saturday: 8am – 4pm*
*We are closed between 12PM and 1PM on all of these days
Sunday: 2pm 5pm

We are closed on the Easter long weekend, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.

Other public holiday hours may vary.

If you need to pick your pet up out of hours there is a $400 additional surcharge. Please contact reception.

Of course. We are happy to show you around, please arrange a tour with our reception staff.

We accept cash, credit card or eftpos. We ask that your account is paid at the start of your pets stay and that any extensions are to be paid at the time of notification.

Booking for peak periods will require a non refundable 40% holding fee for the pets stay.

Please note Visa and Mastercard incur a 1.5% surcharge and American Express 3% surcharge.

Absolutely yes. It is federal and respective state law for any cat or dog visiting a licensed boarding kennel to have their appropriate vaccinations.

Dogs – All our canine guests require a C5 vaccine which covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bordetella & Canine Cough. The original vaccination certificate is required on arrival and then every 12 months when it is updated.

Cats – All our feline guests require a minimum of F3. This vaccine covers Feline Enteritis, Rhinotracheitis Virus and Calici Virus which both cause Cat Flu. The vaccination certificate is required on arrival and then every 12 months when it is updated.

We have large spacious exercise yards that we encourage our canine guests to have a good romp around in so they can stretch and get their daily exercise.

We also have extra playtimes available to be added to your pet’s booking. Speak to our lovely receptionists about extra play.

We can arrange play time with a doggy friend providing we have a dog with mutual social behaviour of course! Please discuss with us prior to check in for details.

We do not recommend bringing your own bedding simply because personal bedding will not be treated the same way by your dog in our kennel as it will at home. We will provide comfortable and adequate bedding for your furry friend however if you have an elderly pet with special needs, we are happy to discuss.

Sydney Petlands will accept no responsibility for damage or loss in the event that you insist your bedding accompanies your dog and there may even be a surcharge if it’s required to be laundered.

We have toys at Sydney Petlands for your pets to play with, however some of our guests have their own favourite toy. As with bedding, toys can get a rougher than normal workout which also means it could be destroyed or lost during play.

Sydney Petlands will accept no responsibility in the event that a toy is lost or damaged as we are happy to provide our own for your pet to play with and accept this loss.

You don’t have to provide your own food as we have quality premium food available, however having your pets own diet can assist your dog in the event that they may suffer from an upset stomach when changing food brands or health issues. If you would prefer to provide your own special diet, we ask that you discuss it with us upon making a booking.

In the event your pet needs vet attention, we are fortunate to have a visiting vet and vets within 2 minutes drive from our resort which we can quickly access. If there is no immediate action required we will make any attempt to discuss this with you or your emergency contact to ensure your instructions are carried out.

In the event that immediate action is required we will act in your pets best interest first and then inform you at every step.

Yes, your pets have the good fortune of having one of our wonderful staff members monitor them around the clock. We have a live-in on site staff member so if there’s any activity during the night that needs to be investigated, we are there to ensure happy cats and dogs around the clock.

If your pet requires medication, we need to ensure that the medication is professionally prescribed and labelled by the attending veterinarian. In addition, you will also be required to ensure that we have ample supply for your pet during their stay.

We do charge an administration fee as it can be a timely practice to ensure that the medication has been correctly applied or swallowed. If the medication is an insulin shot or similar we will need to discuss the fee and details prior to booking.

We do insist that prior to boarding your pet that parasite control has been applied to your pet to ensure the spread of fleas, worms or ticks do not compromise the stay of other guests. Paralysis ticks are prevalent along the East Coast of Australia and tick treatment will need to be given to cover your pet during their entire stay. Please check with us to ensure we accept the treatment method.

A lot of people worry about this but there’s nothing to worry about. In all the years we have been in the industry we have never seen a pet not be happy to see it’s owner again! Pet’s may behave a little different for a day or two when they return home but that’s normal too. Sometimes we are exactly the same after a big holiday with jet-lag or even the come down of been away on a holiday and the reality of returning can modify our behaviour.

Dogs and cats are no different in this regard and can return home either in an excitable state or even tired and needing to rest after having spent more time being active at our resort.

Dogs in particular will many times drink a lot when they get home or appear they haven’t been fed by appearing hungry. Be careful not to over feed or over water the dog as we always provide a bucket of fresh water accessible at all times and more than enough food for your size dog.

If your pet is not eating or drinking, is vomiting or excessive diarrhoea, we recommend the pet being seen by a vet and of course, please let us know.

With certain breeds of dogs or easily stressed dogs you may expect a small amount of weight loss. This has nothing to do with not getting enough food, it has everything to do with how your dog manages stress and with how much movement your dog does during their time with us.

Like us, we can lose weight on our holidays from doing more activities or gain weight by eating too well. We have vet quality scales in reception that we will weigh all pets on arrival and departure to ensure they haven’t lost or gained too much weight. For pets staying long term we will periodically weigh the pet to ensure they are sustaining a correct body weight.

In any normal circumstance, your pet will have an amazing time with us and will return happy and healthy, however sometimes for no particular reason, things can happen with our pets and to us. This is the serious side that we unfortunately have to discuss so we are clear and transparent in the event something happens. We recommend pet owners consider pet insurance in any event as rising costs in pet treatments can be heavy on some families.

All pets must have their respective current vaccinations as required by Federal and State laws and approved veterinary certification must be shown as required to administration prior to check in. Vaccinations should be given to pets 10 days prior to entering our facility. Parasite protection is encouraged at all times, however tick treatment is insisted upon and must be covered for the entire stay. Sydney Petlands will not accept any responsibility for canine cough, fleas, worms or ticks as these are preventable either through your vaccinations or parasite protection methods. Sydney Petlands has the right to refuse any animal not vaccinated or for any reason whatsoever.

All boarding fees are charged per calendar day and not per night. Any extension to your pets stay must be arranged by credit card at the time of contact with Sydney Petlands to ensure that the stay is covered and open communication.

Any pet considered abandoned at the resort will be handed over to a rescue facility or sold to recover any expenses. We will make every attempt to contact the owner, emergency contact, family members or agents of the pets prior to any action, however after seven days of no contact we will act on this. In addition we will hand over the outstanding debt to a collection agency for recovery.

Sydney Petlands will take all necessary care and utilise best industry practices to ensure a happy and comfortable stay for your pet, however we will not accept responsibility for sickness, injury, death, loss or accidental loss during your pets stay. You as the pet owner will also accept Sydney Petlands professional discretion in selecting an appropriate veterinarian to monitor and treat your pet in the event we cannot contact you or must act in a serious and urgent matter.

In response to the above, you agree to hold harmless employees, officers and agents from any and all liability of any nature, for injury, sickness, death or damage to your pets and or property during your pets stay at Sydney Petlands

You as the pets owner will be responsible for any additional fees, costs or charges if your pet requires veterinarian attention during its stay for any reason. You are also responsible for your pets behaviour to ensure that a true account of your pets behaviour has been discussed with our administration team prior to their stay. This will ensure that any aggressive behaviours are discussed and agreed on to ensure the safety of all staff and any other guest.

Loss or damage to bedding, leads & collars and toys will not be the responsibility of Sydney Petlands as we cannot guarantee how your pet will treat it during their stay.

We know all of this sounds hardline, however it is a standard agreement that any pet care facility will have in place.

Dogs over the age of 7 – 9 years will be noted as a senior guest as well as cats aged from 8-10.

Senior guests typically require more attention from our team during their stay as they generally have more pre-existing medical conditions than our younger pets.

You will need to visit your veterinary clinic and provide a fit-to-board letter to us every 3 months. This is so we can ensure our facilities are right for your fur-baby.

You’ll also need to complete an Aged Care Form. Our team will be sure to send this out to you upon creating your booking. Be sure to have this completed and sent back to us before your pet’s stay with us.

If your senior pet has a number of medical conditions, gets very stressed in new situations or is not an experienced boarder, you may want to consider alternative options such as a home pet-sitting service. If you do need to board your pet outside of the home and they have a serious or unpredictable medical condition, your veterinarian may be a better choice, as they will be able to spot an impending crisis quickly and take the appropriate action.

Due to the extra care that is essential for older pets, an aged care fee of $5 per day will be applied on top of your booking.

Unfortunately, no amount of supervision or hygiene practices can completely eliminate the presence of Canine Cough. Just like human colds and Flu’s the virus is unpredictable even in the cleanest environment.

While we insist that all our canine guests are adequately immunized before staying with us, this does not stop the presence of canine cough.

The common signs of Canine Cough are:

  • persistent dry coughing
  • gagging
  • fever
  • eye and nasal discharge
  • lethargy
  • sneezing and snorting

If you’re concerned your dog may have Canine Cough, we recommend reaching out to your veterinarian immediately.

If there are any concerns about Canine Cough at our facility, we will immediately isolate the dog and perform rigorous cleaning processes around the resort on top of the already thorough daily cleaning methods we have in place.

Sydney Petlands will not be held accountable in the event that an animal contracts the virus but will make every attempt to make sure the pet is comfortable and treatment is sought. Any veterinarian fees will be billed to the corresponding owner.