A friendly notice that we will have a price increase from the 1st July 2021. Please be sure to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Cat Boarding

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We aim to keep your cats as happy and healthy while you are away as they are at home.

Cat Accommodation Price List

Pricing as of May 2024
*A $20 Public Holiday, $15 Sunday and $10 Saturday surcharge applies per pet
ServiceLow Season RateStandard RateChristmas Rate
Cat VIP Room$36.5$42.5$46.5

Accommodation Pricing

  • Low Season Rate: any dates that do not fall during Standard and Christmas periods
  • Standard Rate: accommodation during any school holiday, public holiday and long weekend period, including any days deemed in demand
  • Christmas Rate: One month between December and January covering Christmas and New Year’s Day (date changes yearly subject to government school holidays)

Our packages include a private room with scratching post, bedding, a pet postcard with holiday photos (min 7-day stay), daily meal and of course regularly refreshed water all day and night.

All cats are housed and exercised individually, if you own more than one cat family play sessions can be arranged. Please remember that cats adjust differently to new surroundings and may take time to settle in.

All of our staff are not only trained in animal care, but are cat lovers- meaning you can be sure your pets will be fussed over whilst you are away.

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Administration of Medication$6.50 per dose
Additional Play Time$17 per day
Tick Treatment$23 small dogs/ $28 large dogs
Additional Meal$4.50 per meal
Wet Food (Dogs)
$4.50 per meal
Royal Canin Sachet (Cats)$4.50 per meal
Chicken Mince per 100g$4.50 per meal
Chicken Breast (Boiled) per 100g$5.50 per meal
Beef Mince per 100g$4.50 per meal
Tuna per 100g$4.50 per meal
Salmon (Cats) per 100g $5.50 per meal
Sardines per 100g$4.50 per meal
Warm Chicken Stock$4.50 per meal
Rice$4.50 per meal
Owner Supplied Diet - Storage and Corkage$5.50 per meal
Own Treat Administration$3.00 per treat
Additional Pet Postcard$25.50 per postcard
Ice Block Treat$5.00 per treat
Bath & Blow Dry$51.50
Medicated or Malasab Wash$21.50

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